How to Get from Nowhere to Somewhere

How to Get from Nowhere to Somewhere

How do you get from nowhere to somewhere? Getting started is hard enough; starting over is even more difficult than the first time you started. Starting over is even more difficult than the first time you started.

I let this blog slide down the slippery slope to nowhere, and it has been a real chore to climb back up again.

I’m reminded of a conversation I had one time with a wise old pastor when I was trying to get a church-related ministry going again after it had previously suffered and almost died.

The church decided it was something that needed reviving, but it was going to take some hard work. In an effort to let me know he understood, the pastor said, “It’s hard enough to get from somewhere to somewhere, but it’s almost impossible to get from nowhere to somewhere. ”

I’ve wanted to post again for the last couple of weeks, but I couldn’t figure out the best way to start the climb.

How DO you get from nowhere to somewhere?

You just have to START. Re-engage. Take that first step and then the next and keep on keeping on.

Where have I been? Well, except for a brief vacation, I’ve been right here at home, living life. So what happened? Why haven’t I posted?

It was a combination of several things that happened in close proximity to one another.  How do you get from nowhere to somewhere?

Here in Oklahoma, we have our fair share of tornadoes, as you may already know. Tornadoes don’t just suddenly decide to come sweepin’ down the plains. Several different weather factors have to develop concurrently to cause the tornado. When that happens, the resulting devastation “stops the world” around here, and it takes a lot of time and hard work to get back to normal again.

That’s kinda what happened to me. We did not have a tornado, thankfully, but several challenging things in life happened all at once, and something had to give. That something was this blog, but here I am, back again, with a desire to regroup and get going again.

I’m not going to bore you with the details of what the confluence of blog-stopping issues actually were. I’ve certainly had greater times of suffering in my life than what I experienced this year, but I’ve never had a more frustrating series of aggravations and challenges. What they were isn’t important. The important thing is just to begin again. So here we go!

Feeling like I began at “nowhere” when I started writing this today, I now feel like I’ve gotten “somewhere.”

How do you get from nowhere to somewhere?Speaking of the weather–well no–not weather exactly but things that happen skyward, today is the day of the solar eclipse.

I didn’t go out to look at it with the rest of the world. I figure it probably looked like the pictures.

So I stayed in and created this graphic to celebrate the day!


Please feel free to pin this on one of your Pinterest boards.

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