To Those Who Are Irritated by Facebook Ads

To Those Who Are Irritated by Facebook Ads


Dear Friends, the world is changing more rapidly than we can keep up with the changes.

For example, what happened to Facebook?

Are you getting irritated on Facebook?

We used to log in to Facebook to interact with friends and family, and now we have to click through all kinds of ads to find news about friends and family. In fact, sometimes it’s friends and family who are posting the ads!


Balancing Life as a Mother and a Business Owner

Recently, I’ve noticed complaints and negativity about this.

What troubles me is that much of the negativity comes from Christian friends (usually older women) who are irritated by Christian friends (usually younger women) who are “mompreneurs.” The definition of a mompreneur* is a female balancing life as both a mother and a business owner.

To the complainers, many of you like to think of yourselves as Titus 2 women who teach the younger women how to love their husbands and children and be keepers at home. Please learn that the “ad posters” that you criticize are young mothers doing what they must do, and what they believe God has led them to do, so that they can help with financial pressures while staying home with their children.

Not all are young, some are older folks who’ve been robbed of retirement because of tough economic times. Others are just entrepreneurial and want to earn more money so that they can give more money to their churches and charities. I know of younger couples who are successful in online businesses which enable them to adopt children!

Recently, a couple of “friends my age” have told me that they try to block all ads and have sometimes “unfriended” friends because they are irritated by their ads.

If you sat down in the fellowship hall at church and visited with your mompreneur “unfriended” friend to hear her “why story” and learn about her business endeavors, you might find out that this business that you’ve blocked is the source which enables her to stay home with her children, which is a conviction that you strongly support!

If you really understood, you would encourage her, pray for her, and would probably support her business by purchasing whatever she’s selling or by sending her referrals. So please try to gain some understanding about our changing world.

Yes, the world is changing fast!AN OPEN LETTER TO THOSE WHO ARE IRRITATED BY FACEBOOK ADS FROM FRIENDS WHO POST ADS FOR THEIR BUSINESSES. Please understand and help the stay-at-home moms.

When I was a little girl, my Granny and I used to walk to our nearest shopping district, which we called “The Hill,” where the main street was Commerce Street. If Granny had a quarter burning a hole in her pocket, she had to spend it–often on me! Granny’s other purpose was that she wanted to see friends. She always saw people she knew when we went to The Hill.

Usually our destination was the soda fountain in the drugstore. We had to walk past several other stores to get there, but we didn’t mind. It was part of the experience, and we never knew who we might run into for a quick sidewalk chat on the way.

I never heard Granny complain that she had to walk past all of those other stores to see her friends or reach her purpose. If Granny could have “deleted” the stores or “unfriended” her friends who worked there, she wouldn’t have done it. It was their livelihood! After all, it took less than a minute to “stroll on by.”

The Hill is still there, but sadly the stores have closed or have evolved into other types of businesses because all the shoppers went away, first to the malls and now to e-commerce. Now Facebook is the new Commerce Street! According to, “social media advertising is a market that did not exist just a decade ago, but it’s projected to generate $11 billion in revenue by 2017. This is up from just $6.1 billion in 2013.”

Social media commerce is not just the wave of the future, it’s “the now.” So, for me, Facebook is my new “Hill.” I go there to chat with friends, to see what’s going on with people, and sometimes to click on over to the advertised web site to buy something. If I don’t want to buy something that I see in a friend’s ad today, it takes less than a second to “scroll on by.”

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*I don’t really like the word “mompreneur.” The reason why I don’t would be another blog post. But I’ve used it here because it conveys the meaning in a single word.


  1. Are they selling something they made? Using their talents to start a business or are they simply buying into one of these pyramid scheme “businesses”? I have no problem with ads from friends who are selling items that they made or services that they offer using their talents but I get very annoyed by constant requests to buy goods from the latest fad diet company or latest fad beauty product. I want to support my friends just as much as the next person but these “build your own business in a box” things don’t do anyone any good except the person at the very top. In order to do well in those you have to dedicate more than 8 hrs a day to it.

    • April, a few people sell things they make, especially on sites such as Etsy. As for pyramid schemes, those are illegal. What you have referred to as “build your own business in a box” (clever term) is now called direct marketing, multi-tier marketing, or community commerce. This way of selling things, friend-to-friend, has changed drastically in the last five years due to social media. The purpose of my article was to take a step toward explaining that specific change. One indication of this drastic change is that doctors (especially women, who loved their income but were tired of being away from their families) have left their medical practices to sell health products or skincare. This type of decision is not only providing financial freedom but also “time freedom.” We are in the midst of a shifting tide. Here’s a quote from none other than Forbes magazine about skincare company Rodan + Fields: “With the U.S. becoming increasingly dominated by Rodan + Fields, other countries may not be far behind. Rodan + Fields launched in Canada in February 2015, and Australia is scheduled to launch…What may be lacking, however, is the people that still have yet to recognize that selling via a direct marketing sales avenue – sometimes referred to as a multi-tier marketing business – is not what it used to be, and it’s definitely not something to ignore. Community commerce is a growing trend in retail that the Rodan + Fields may be leading, but others are certainly trying to follow.” -Forbes Magazine

      Thank you so much for taking the time to leave your comment.

  2. That is a good article…makes sense to use Facebook for home business ads, I think. On the other hand, a home business is often not the answer when people think it is. The old book “Everything But Money” by Sam Levenson really opened my eyes to another way to contribute significantly to family income without starting a home business. I actually quit mine after learning from Mary Hunt’s Debt Proof Living website & books back in 2001, just after I applied for a full time night job because of need to help with our desperate financial situation at the time, but learned enough to not need it at all. I also recently learned from the America’s Cheapest Family couple for even more “a penny saved is a penny earned” income, and now I grow food too. I think that too many people are trying business before they master the old fashioned way for helping with family finances…creative thriftiness. I think a home business is far more beneficial if done as the last step rather than first or middle step. I do hope to add a home business to my life when I finish mastering thriftiness & gardening enough so a business won’t interfere with my income help that way. Thriftiness & gardening seem to more guaranteed ways to help with the finances and our health. Business is more of a gamble, seems to me. Someday I’ll be ready for it though. Sounds like fun. I follow some blogs of some young ladies who were ready younger and their husbands help with it. Mine has a great career already, so I wouldn’t have help with a home business. That makes a huge difference.

    • Thank you for sharing what you’ve learned, Amy. I think that thriftiness and wise financial planning combined with a home business could be the right answer for many families.

  3. This is so profound! It is the world we live in, and God is often the giver of these online ideas, and online is becoming a way to be a mentor.

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